severe back spasms

After suffering severe back spasms from back strain, I went to my primary care physician. She referred me to Dr. Clayton, who had treated her for back problems when she had been pregnant.

Dr. Clayton took x-rays of my back, showed me where my problem areas were, and developed a plan of treatment. He also advised me on ways to correctly stand, sit, and lift objects, and continues to offer suggestions when I ask him questions such as how to properly set up my office chair and computer for correct back posture.

As a result of Dr. Clayton’s treatment, my back problems are significantly improved. I no longer suffer a constant low level of back pain.

I would highly recommend Dr. Clayton to anyone suffering from back pain, and the staff in his office is always welcoming, friendly, and helpful.


back related problems

I have been a patient of Dr. Clayton's for over 20 years. My whole life, I have always had problems relating to my back. After moving to Columbus in 1989, I started seeing Dr. Clayton. Besides giving me treatments which have reduced and eliminated my back pain, he has shown me various exercises to do on my own, which have helped immensely. Dr. Clayton and his staff are very courteous, friendly and helpful whenever I need assistance. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is in need of chiropractic care.

Worthington, Ohio

"You have made a huge contribution to my feeling healthy and pain free. I am feeling better now than I did 15 years ago. The bottom line is that Dr. Clayton helped delay joint replacements, maximized the recovery process following several surgeries and accidents, and has intervened on damage due to degeneration of my working parts. He carefully designs a course of action that is necessary to maximize positive outcomes of his adjustments. His staff reflects his accommodating and caring nature."

Worthington Ohio